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Liquor License Renewal
Liquor License Renewal

  • Month of November – Applications must be signed during the month of November.
  • November 28 – Applications should be returned to the Board of Selectmen by this date, so that the Board can act at its first meeting in December.  (Date may vary a little from year to year.)
  • December 31 – Approved licenses must be in your hands by this date.
Things to include:
Instructions for Application:
  • Changes and corrections –
  • Generally – Please review the application form for correctness.
  • Social Security or Federal Identification number – Please verify that the number is correct; make any changes in red ink on the form.
  • D.B.A., Zip Code, and spelling errors – Note any changes in red ink.
  • Other changes – Note changes in red ink and attach Form 43 showing that the changes were approved by the ABCC.
  • Signing – Applications should be signed by an authorized corporate officer, individual or partner.
  • Transfer – If a license is in process of transfer, the license holder as of November 30 must file the renewal.
Instructions for Workers’ Compensation:
  • Policy – Use the policy currently in effect; policies renew at various times during the year.
  • Policy – An acceptable alternative to the policy is a copy of Notice to Employees from Department of Industrial Accidents showing name of insurance company and effective dates
  • If the business owner is a sole proprietor, or legal partnership, with no employees, the policy is not required, but do check the appropriate box and complete the Affidavit.
  • For fees, click here.
  • Please make payable to Town of Williamsburg.
  • It is recommended that payment be included with the renewal application.  Licenses will be mailed upon approval by the Board of Selectmen.
  • Alternatively, you may bring in payment and pick up your license after approval.
  • Telephone is 413-268-8400.
  • Email is
  • Please call or email with any questions.  
  • If you do email, send an email message so we will have your correct address.
  • The Selectmen’s office is normally open Monday and Thursday morning 10 to 12 and Tuesday and Wednesday from 10 to 2.
  • Winter weather, holidays, vacation days and illness are likely to reduce availability.
Other notes:
  • The ABCC is very particular about details of the application, and it is important to pay close attention to the dates.
  • Any renewal application not signed during the month of November will be treated as a new license.  Therefore, it is subject to all the procedures set forth under Mass. Gen. Laws Chapter 138, Section 15A.  (SEE BLUE BOOK PROCEDURES FOR NEW LICENSE)
  • Delivery of the license must occur by December 31 for the continuation of the license.  It is strongly recommended that everything be completed by December 22.
  • There must be a valid certificate of inspection in the hands of the Selectmen.
  • Workers’ compensation – Massachusetts law requires all employers to provide workers’ compensation insurance coverage for their employees.  A license cannot be renewed if the applicant has not produced evidence of compliance with insurance requirements.  (Mass. Gen. Laws c. 152, sec. 25C.)
  • Tax certification – Massachusetts law provides that an applicant must certify that all taxes have been paid as required.  The tax identification number will be furnished to the Massachusetts Department of Revenue, and a license will not be renewed if the applicant is not in good standing with respect to taxes.  (Mass. Gen. Laws, c. 62C, sec. 49A.)