Town of Williamsburg, Massachusetts
141 Main St., P.O. Box 447, Haydenville, MA 01039-0447
ph: (413) 268-8400
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Common Victualler License Information
Juke Box and Automatic Amusement Device Licenses


  • November 28 – Please return application materials to the Board of Selectmen by this date, so that the Board can act at its first meeting in December.  (Date may vary a little from year to year.)
  • December 31 – Approved license must be paid for and in your hands by this date.
Things to include:


Instructions for Application:

  • Owner of premises – this information is needed for a Juke Box license application.
  • Machines – If you are renewing a license for a juke box or automatic amusement device, please take the information from the machine itself, not from last year’s form, to be sure that you are still licensing the correct machine.
  • Signature – Sign the application twice, once as applicant and once to certify that taxes have been paid.
  • Number – Use Social Security number if the applicant is an individual, use the Federal Identification number if the applicant is a corporation.
 Instructions for Workers’ Compensation:

  • Policy – Use the policy currently in effect; policies renew at various times during the year.
  • Policy – An acceptable alternative to the policy is a copy of Notice to Employees from Department of Industrial Accidents showing name of insurance company and effective dates
  • If the business owner is a sole proprietor, or legal partnership, with no employees, the policy is not required, but do check the appropriate box and complete the Affidavit.


  • Please make payable to Town of Williamsburg.
  • It is recommended that payment be included with the renewal application.  Licenses will be mailed upon approval by the Board of Selectmen.
  • Alternatively, you may bring in payment and pick up your license after approval.  It is strongly recommended that this be completed by December 22.


  • Telephone is 413-268-8400.
  • Email is .
  • Please call or email with any questions.
  • If you do email, send an email message so we will have your correct address.


  • The Selectmen’s office is normally open Monday and Thursday morning 10 to 12 and Tuesday and Wednesday from 10 to 2.
  • Winter weather, holidays, vacation days and illness are likely to reduce availability.

Legal notes:

  • Workers’ compensation – Massachusetts law requires all employers to provide workers’ compensation insurance coverage for their employees.  A license cannot be renewed if the applicant has not produced evidence of compliance with insurance requirements.  (Mass. Gen. Laws chapter 152, section 25C.)lTax certification – Massachusetts law provides that an applicant must certify that all taxes have been paid as required.  The tax identification number will be furnished to the Massachusetts Department of Revenue, and a license will not be renewed if the applicant is not in good standing with respect to taxes.  (Mass. Gen. Laws, chapter 62C, section 49A.)
  • Common victualler license law (Mass. Gen. Laws, chapter 140, section 2)  
  • Automatic amusement device law (Mass. Gen. Laws, chapter 140, sec. 177A)

Other notes:

  • Live entertainment – If live entertainment is planned, a permit application should be in by the Tuesday 2½ weeks before the event.  This is to allow time to get on the agenda before the Select Board meeting and allow time afterward to get the permit in the mail.  Live entertainment includes D.J.