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Minutes 051414
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Last Updated: 2014/6/2
Williamsburg Board of Selectmen
May 14, 2014
The members of the Board of Selectmen met in regular but rescheduled session on Wednesday,
May 14, 2014, at the town office. The chair called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.
Present: Denise Banister, Paul Dunphy and David Mathers (until 8:40)
Also present: Warren Kirkpatrick, Charlene Nardi (Town Administrator), Eleanor Warnock
(Administrative Assistant), Girl Scout Troop 73203 (visiting during first part of meeting).
1. Capital Planning – The chair read the recommendations of the Capital Planning Committee,
for eight sets of Fire Department turnout gear and other fire apparatus such as hoses, ladders and
Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus, replacement highway truck, and not to fund the fire truck
replacement at this time. The Board agreed with the turnout gear and $45,000 for the other fire
apparatus. It was noted that a motion was not needed as the Board would vote later in the
meeting on the whole warrant.
2. Animal Control Officer – Warren Kirkpatrick, who is Animal Control Officer for several
other towns, told the Board that according to a new law, every town in the state must have a
Certified Animal Control Officer. The Board would like current Animal Control Officer Candy
Laflam to work under Warren Kirkpatrick’s certification. Warren Kirkpatrick said he would
need to be employed by the town, because of workers’ comp. He would not plan to charge for a
simple phone call, just for time and mileage when he goes out. Motion was made and seconded
(DM/PD) to appoint Warren Kirkpatrick as the town’s Certified Animal Control Officer, for
wages to be determined, term to expire June 30, 2014. So voted (3-0).
3. Capital Planning, continued – Continuing the Capital Planning discussion, the Board decided
to allow the highway truck that the department preferred but to limit it to $185,000 so that it
would be trimmed a little. Motion was made and seconded (DM/PD) to put the article on the
town meeting warrant for a new highway truck not to exceed $185,000. So voted (3-0).
4. Live entertainment – Motion was made and seconded (DM/PD) to approve live
entertainment for Bread Euphoria, live acoustic music, 6 to 8 p.m., Saturdays, May 10 and 31 and
June 21. So voted (3-0). May 17 and 24 had already been approved.
5. Insurance – Police and fire accident coverage – Town Administrator Charlene Nardi said that
the Board had asked her last year to get quotes at different coverage levels, and she distributed a
comparison of two quotes, one at the current level, one at the maximum, saying that the current
level is almost at the maximum. The current premium is $12,502 and includes junior
firefighters. The budget includes a 4% increase; Charlene will check whether that will allow for
any increase in coverage. In property insurance, the Anne T. Dunphy School, which was
removed during the school building project, will be added back in to the statement of values,
increasing the premium.
6. Library – memorial event – Lisa Wenner and friends had requested use of the Library for a
memorial service on June 22. Lisa Wenner’s personal insurance will cover liability and the event
will be announced in the paper. A liquor license is not necessary because wine will be served but
not sold. The Board gave permission. Motion was made and seconded (PD/DM) to authorize
the chair to sign the Indemnity and Hold Harmless Agreement between Lisa Wenner and the
Town of Williamsburg. So voted (3-0).
7. Library – retirement party for Lisa Wenner – Denise Banister and Paul Dunphy will be away.
Dave Mathers will plan to speak at the event June 14, assuming he is in town.
8. Appointments – resignation – Mill River Greenway – Motion was made and seconded
(PD/DM) to accept Karin McGowan’s resignation from the Mill River Greenway Committee,
and to send her a letter of thanks and appreciation. So voted (3-0).
9. Town Meeting warrant – Town Administrator Charlene Nardi distributed the draft of the
Town Meeting warrant. She said that there was an article in 2009 for $60,000 for design of
renovation for Anne T. Dunphy School, before the town knew that the Massachusetts School
Building Authority would participate in the project. The current draft warrant included an article
amending the 2009 article so that the money could be used in case it was needed for the project,
as unexpected things keep coming up. Motion was made and seconded (DM/PD) to approve the
warrant of Annual Town Meeting as presented. So voted (3-0).
10. Town Administrator’s report –
Country Corral – Notification was received from the Building Inspector and Fire Chief that they
are taking action on ongoing problems.
Personnel – Highway – workers’ comp – Notification was received of a court order to pay
temporary total disability, with the assumption that the worker would be able to go back to work.
MIIA is appealing the decision. Town Counsel is being consulted on some details, such as health
insurance and holding the job open.
Memorial Day parade – The plan is to assemble at 12:30, with the parade at 1:00. Speaker is yet
to be determined.
Trees – Several trees on the property adjacent to the town offices have no leaves; the resident
will be notified.
Healthy Hampshire grant – Charlene reported that Northampton is planning to go out on its own
for the grant, not to go through the Hampshire Council of Governments, in order to reduce
overhead, increase local control, and improve chance of receiving it, and has invited the town to
partner with them and Amherst. There are no current projects, as the WalkBoston project with
Mill River Greenway Committee will have finished. The Board supported going with
Northampton’s grant.
Solar project on Lashway land – Charlene reported that at the request of the developer,
Williamsburg Solar LLC (formerly Diversified Construction), the town has created an
application for Cap Allocation at The developer does not yet know who the
investor will be but wants to be in the queue for public funds. Tax agreement is for a minimum
of $24,000 a year. The town agrees to be host community on the condition of reduction in the
cost of its electricity, and according to Town Counsel can withdraw at any time. The vote at
Annual Town Meeting is to accept the agreement negotiated by the Assessors.
11. Correspondence – Included a letter from Hampshire Council of Governments saying that
Bernie Kubiak is available to consult with grant writing and project management; fee is
unknown; and a letter from Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency about a grant for
pre-disaster mitigation and flood mitigation assistance.
12. Minutes – Motion was made and seconded (PD/DB) that the minutes of May 1, 2014, be
accepted as written. So voted (2-0). Motion was made and seconded (PD/DB) that the minutes
of May 6, 2014, be accepted as written. So voted (2-0).
13. Miscellaneous –
Fort Hill Road – A member of the Select Board drove by the town-owned property that had been
complained about and did not notice brush there. Charlene has not been called with complaints.
Judd Lane – Charlene reported that a resident complained about 8 Judd Lane; concern was
expressed about affect on property values of neighboring properties, and the possibility of a
squatter. The property is in tax title; she has notified the Treasurer that the town needs to begin
discussing next steps.
Ashfield Road – A propane tank has been noticed at the end of a driveway. Charlene will ask
Highway to drive by. The landowner may need to be notified.
Documents used
Agenda and notes
Capital planning letter
Live entertainment application
Police and Fire Accident insurance quote
Indemnity agreement
Resignation of Karin McGowan from Mill River Greenway
Town Meeting Warrant
Assessors’ email from consultant Roy Bishop
List of correspondence received
Hampshire Council of Governments letter about Bernie Kubiak
MEMA letter about grant programs
Adjourned at 9:00 p.m.
Approved: ______________________________________

Town of WIlliamsburg 141 Main St., P.O. Box 447, Haydenville, MA 01039-0447 PH: (413) 268-8400 Fax: (413) 268-8409