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CPC Meeting Minutes 12/08/2004
December 8, 2004

Meeting called to order at 7:15pm

PRESENT: W. Sayre, L. Warriner, D. Jacobson (not yet sworn in to office and abstaining from all votes), R. Buchele

1-Revised share of Regional debt service-per Michael Beattie the payment will be less than half of what was projected. Jacobson did not talk to David Kielson of Chestefield.

2-Capital Assets book-Kim Hyslip will find out requirements of GASB 34 so we can design it to conform to those requirements.  Sayre will follow up on this.

3-Sayre went to 11/18 and 12/2 Select Board meetings
-Received requests from Highway, Police and Fire Departments.  Our committee wants to visit these three departments to inspect vehicles and facilities.  Sayre will attempt to schedule these visits.

-Safety complex-E. Cerreta will convene committee to pursue Mass Electric Location. Sayre suggested to Cerreta that committee include member from CPC, but Cerreta wanted to wait. Warriner wants to be on the committee and will talk to Cerreta.

4-Per requirement of by-law, CPC will send the Capital Improvement Plan (spreadsheet) and Capital Improvement Budget (current year requests) to the Finance Committee.  FC will present Capital Budget to Town Meeting for “adoption”(TM vote to accept plan is not the same as authorizing the expenditures).  Gordon Allen, FC chair, and Select Board are in favor of this procedure.  Sayre drafted a letter to G Allen telling we will proceed with the process as described.

Motion to send letter by Warriner, seconded by Buchele, vote unanimous.

5-Due to absence of K Karowski, we will postpone until next meeting:
        -approval of minutes from last meeting
        -update on borrowing limit
        -review of spreadsheet

6-Meetings will be scheduled month-to-month as needed.  The next meeting is unknown.

7-Motion to adjourn at 8:15pm by Warriner, seconded by Sayre, vote unanimous.


Deborah F. Jacobson

Town of WIlliamsburg 141 Main St., P.O. Box 447, Haydenville, MA 01039-0447 PH: (413) 268-8400 Fax: (413) 268-8409