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CPC Meeting Minutes 02/16/2008
Town of Williamsburg
Capital Planning Committee
February 16, 2008

Present:  W. Sayre, K. Smith, R. Buchele, G. Mathers, Bill Turner, Jeff Ciuffreda, Steve Herzberg

The meeting was called to order at 9:08 pm. At the town Highway Department office.

Bill will supply new copies of Form A and Form C for the truck 6 request.  The truck will take one year to build, so the first payment will not happen until 2010 or 2011.  Bill said that winter is a critical time for this truck and the current truck is showing signs of corrosion in its wiring.  If this purchase is delayed the town would be buying two trucks (Ford 550) simultaneously.  This request should be part of the budget and not subject to an override.  

The addition to the garage is proceeding.  Preliminary plans are available and the town has spent $2000 to date on them.  The current roof is leaking and the addition will double the square footage.  The department needs more room for the grader and loader backhoe.  There is a pole barn outside, but there isn’t enough room for the equipment needs, and it isn’t expandable.  The addition will also provide space for two police cruisers.  The current projected cost is $250,000.  Bill believes that the request will need to be part of an override.

The requested replacement of the roller is not on the capital plan.  The cost will be $16,900 minus a $5500 trade in or sale.  It will be bigger than the current roller which can no longer go uphill.  Bill justified the purchase by saying that subcontracting the work out is very expensive and the department needs this equipment 20 – 25 days per year.  The Town Administrator is looking into inter-town loan agreements with other towns but this option will not be available this coming year.  The money is available now from state storm reimbursement funds and approval is needed now since a used roller has been identified and is available.  Jeff said that the Select Board has already approved the request.  A Motion to approve the purchase carried unanimously.  

A discussion of the sweeper revealed that a replacement is not being requested this year. The current one is dead and there is $16,500 in the budget for rental, a $10,000 increase over last year.  The equipment will be held as a future request at $136,000.

Bill conducted a brief tour of the truck to be replaced, the current garage, and the pole barn area.  Jeff and Bill left after the tour.

In the Highway Department office, a Motion was made to approve the FY09 Capital Planning budget at $298 for labor and $125 for expenses.  Motion carried unanimously.

The meeting moved to the Police Department in Haydenville and the Police Chief, John Cotton, joined the meeting.  

John will be keeping the fourth cruiser as a spare, but it will not appear on the replacement schedule.  Bill will send to John an electronic copy of the Capital Plan.  The cruisers are now on a maintenance schedule, getting the required service as needed.  

The request for the speed monitor trailer was discussed.  It would give a readout on actual traffic patterns and real data to actual speeding issues in town.  There is a possibility of $3000 from the state.  The past speed monitor was shared by three towns and it has disappeared.  

John showed the meeting the new cruiser, the new furnace in the basement, and the progress on cleaning up the basement from old items.  The building’s siding, storm windows, and chimney were discussed.  It was agreed that the chimney represents a potential safety hazard and that it should be dealt with through a line item in the town budget since it represents an expenditure under $10,000.  The storm window replacement should be treated in the same manner.

The issue of a safety complex was discussed and John expressed the desire for the town to start a study committee.  

After the meeting with John, the committee discussed adding a new member to fill the present opening.  Bob will continue to look into this.  The need for the town to have a capital budget was discussed along with the concept that 5% of the town budget is a rule-of-thumb computation to help determine the appropriate amount.  Bob will talk with Steve on the progress of this issue.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:45 am.

William B. Sayre

Town of WIlliamsburg 141 Main St., P.O. Box 447, Haydenville, MA 01039-0447 PH: (413) 268-8400 Fax: (413) 268-8409