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Liquor Rules 1207
Town of Williamsburg

Rules and Regulations for
Establishments Licensed to
Serve Alcoholic Beverages and to
Allow Entertainment


The Williamsburg Board of Selectmen, also the Local Licensing Authority in the town, sets forth these rules and regulations with the goal of minimizing violations.  It is our hope that these rules and regulations for liquor license holders are clear, easy to understand, and set the high standard for compliance.  In familiarizing themselves with these regulations, license holders will realize much is expected of them but by complying with them, violations will be minimized.  These rules and regulations are in addition to all that is required of license holders in all Massachusetts General Laws, specifically but not solely, Chapter 138 for alcohol permits and Chapter 140 Section 183A for entertainment.  Each license holder is expected to be fully aware of those laws and to be in compliance.

Identification of the Town of Williamsburg Licensing Authority

The Local Licensing Authority for the Town of Williamsburg is the Williamsburg Board of Selectmen.

Licensed Premises

A license is issued for a specific premise and must be fully defined in the license.  No service, sale, or consumption of alcoholic beverage may occur on any part of the premises not specified in the license.

Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages

Any alcoholic beverage sold by a premise with a license issued under M.G.L. Chapter 128 Section 12 must be opened and consumed on premises.

Closing Hours and regulations

1.  The hours when service is allowed is clearly stated on all licenses.

2.  Within 15 minutes after the last time for lawful service, all glasses, bottles or other containers used to serve alcoholic beverages, or containing the residue thereof, must be removed from the bar, tables or any other places where they may be consumed by any person present.

3.  All beer bottles, glasses and other containers used to consume alcoholic beverages must be emptied into the bar sinks, or other such facility, within one half (1/2) hour after the last time of lawful service.

4.  All licensed premises must have all patrons off the premises within one half (1/2) hour after the last time of lawful service. For example, if licensed until 1:00 AM, all patrons must be off premises by 1:30 AM.

5.  All employees and/or management personnel must be off the licensed premises within one half (1/2) hour of last time for lawful service. Management and/or personnel may stay on licensed premises beyond the above time limits under the following conditions;
 (a)  If engaged in cleaning the establishment
 (b)  If making emergency repairs
 (c)  If preparing for the next day’s orderly opening or closing the business in an orderly manner.
6.  The Police Department must be notified if employees and/or management personnel are remaining past the time described above.

Display of License and Permits

All licenses and permits must be kept in public view in an accessible place on the premises, available at all times for inspection by the Board of Selectmen or its agent.

Availability of the Rules and Regulations

A copy of these Rules and Regulations shall be kept on the premises in the office or near the main cash register and be available upon request of the Board of Selectmen or its agent.  The licensee is responsible for ensuring that all employees who work in the public areas of the premises read the Rules and Regulations of the Licensed Establishment and comply with all of the rules and regulations.


Entertainment is allowed only as specifically authorized by an entertainment license granted by the Board of Selectmen.   M.G.L. Chapter 140 Section 183A dictates the information needed on all applications.  All applications must be made to the Board of Selectmen in a timely manner and before any entertainment requested is performed.  Approved licenses must be displayed as mentioned above.

Environs of the Licensed Premises

It shall be the obligation of the licensee to ensure that a high degree of supervision is exercised over the conduct of the licensed establishment at all times.  This includes all outside areas of the building as well as the parking lot.  Each licensee shall be accountable for all violations that are related to the licensed premises, in a determination as to whether or not the licensee acted properly in the given circumstances.  Each license must include the appointment of a manager who shall share in all the responsibilities of the licensee.

Service Training

All licensees are strongly encouraged to have their employees undergo an employee training program on the proper procedures for verifying that patrons are at least 21 years of age and not intoxicated.  Training programs and certification for such training is available through many sources, i.e., TIPS or equivalent.

Town of WIlliamsburg 141 Main St., P.O. Box 447, Haydenville, MA 01039-0447 PH: (413) 268-8400 Fax: (413) 268-8409